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  • A Leader in Metallomics

    Developing disease-modifying therapies to slow down and ultimately end neurological disorders.

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We investigate the concentrations, distributions, and interactions of various stable isotopes within molecules, organelles, cells, and tissues. We believe that isotopic ratios are essential for deciphering the etiology of diseases and designing the mechanisms leading to restoring healthy cellular functions. 

Parkinson's Disease

Disbalance of zinc, iron, copper, magnesium, and selenium plays a significant role in PD pathology, leading to dopaminergic neuronal loss, α-synuclein aggregation, hence contribute to motor and cognitive deficits in PD

Lewy Body Dementia

Studies show that disrupted metal homeostasis in turn disrupts mitochondrial function, and exacerbates protein aggregation, inducing neuroinflammation, oxidative stress, and other pathological processes.

Huntington's Disease

Alterations to metal homeostasis occur even before changes in neurofilament and mutant huntingtin levels. The changes between plasma and CSF metal levels indicate a dynamic process of metal dysregulation in HD. 

Alzheimer's Disease

Imbalances of copper, zinc, iron and calcium promote of  amyloid-β and tau abnormalities, impaired synaptic function, mitochondrial dysfunction, and disruption of endoplasmic reticulum, and autophagy  functions.

Our Innovation 

We extend our research beyond molecular signatures to delve into the atomic level, investigating how stable isotopes influence the well-being and health of human organisms. By examining the natural abundance and fractionation of stable isotopes, we aim to uncover their roles in physiological processes, disease cascades, and cellular status. This approach allows us to gain deeper insights into the pathways and conditions that are challenging to detect, ultimately contributing to the advancements in medical innovation and therapeutic strategies. Our proprietary ISM (Isotope-Selective Modulation) therapy is at the forefront of developing innovative treatments, leveraging our deep insights into the behavior of different atoms within biological systems and their influence on human health.

Our ISM Drug Development Platform

Our primary expertise is centered around the integration of Metallomics and pharmaceutical development, focusing on the role and function of isotopic fractionation and roles of stable isotopes within metalloproteomics.

Unlike conventional medications that typically interact with their targets on a surface level, thereby managing symptoms rather than the root cause, our isotope-selective modulation, in conjunction with a multi-omic approach, empowers us to create drugs that holistically influence critical biological processes, ranging from protein synthesis and DNA repair to mitochondrial function, and reduction of local any systemic inflammation and oxidative stress.

Precision Drug Delivery

The medical use of stable isotopes in various small molecules is pivotal for their ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, enabling direct engagement with metalloproteins and cellular processes. The inherent safety profile of stable isotopes in metallome highlights its transformative potential in the development of novel pharmaceuticals, hence, promising new era of treatments that are both more effective and clinically safe. 

Utilizing sophisticated mass spectrometry techniques, we investigate the isotopic concentrations, distributions, and interactions of essential metals in protein folding, DNA repair, mitochondrial function, apoptosis, and other biological processes. Disruption of these functions are often linked to harmful protein aggregation, chronic inflammation and oxidative stress, and cellular death.

Understanding the isotopic effects in these processes will help to elucidate the basic mechanisms underlying vital life processes and to design inherently-safe and effective therapies capable to restore vital cellular and organ functions.

Making The Difference

Inflammation and oxidative stress play crucial roles in the development of several chronic conditions such as neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer and more. These mechanisms are interconnected, with the potential to intensify one another, thus fueling a cycle that significantly accelerates the progression of these diseases.
Our initial research data show that isotopic signatures may influence protein folding, mitochondrial function, cellular homeostasis (including proteostasis), and racemization of amino acids, which offers way for modern science to understand degeneration and ageing.      
We are committed to continue our search for the origin of degenerative diseases beyond the molecular signatures further into atomic level. 

Our Science

We continue expanding our knowledge base of isotopic fractionation in live organisms, and our understanding of its effects on the etiology and pathogenesis of diseases.

Our Focus

We focus our resources on developing the first-in-class isotope-selective modulation medicines to help human body to slow-down and possibly reverse neurodegeneration.

Our Purpose

We live and work to help creating the world were neurodegenerative conditions is a long-forgotten past. With that in mind, we develop our products to treat neurodegenerative diseases today.

Our Results

Our proprietary class of novel drug candidates are designed to stimulate the biological functions of the Metallome to re-establish and maintain a state of healthy homeostasis.

Our goal is to become the world's leading metallomics pharma company developing inherently safe, effective, and clinically de-risked, disease modifying drugs for treatment of complex diseases.